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CATORGA is a Bulgarian metal band, which became a recognizable name for the metal scene in Bulgaria in 2018.A combination of heavy riffs, aggressive drumming, roaring bass and emotional female vocals on top of them define the direction which suits CATORGA the most. For the last year the band took part in rock festivals, competitions and won many fans across the country. In the end of 2018 the band recorded its first album "DOKOGA" and released it in January 2019. Now CATORGA works hard on developing new original songs to be presented on the band’s upcoming live performances. CATORGA lineup consists of Lora – vocals, Ivan - guitar, Ludmil – bass guitar and Ivo - Drums


CATORGA – Белези/Belezi

CATORGA – Белези/Belezi (Official video)
Director: Nikolay Todorov/Naikey Visuals
Featuring: Eva Yordanova
Sincere thanks to all who helped us to make it happen! You may expect our upcoming album “Белези” (2020г.) very soon. Now you can watch the video here

Вериги (Verigi) – Official Video

We are glad to announce our video to the song Вериги (Verigi). Watch it now here:

New video – “Dokoga”!

CATORGA presents their first official video – “Dokoga” shot by the well known Bulgarian director – Boyan Karamfilov. You can watch it by clicking here!


After months of hard work and recording sessions, CATORGA’s debut album ‘Dokoga’ is finally released! You can listen to it here: Spotify GooglePlay Amazon Youtube

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